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/ Unlike most approaches (REFS here), our aim is to build a general-purpose solution for tracking and analysis of various organisms. To that end, it is necessary to build a multi-platform, user-friendly application that is open to changes and additions. Furthermore, we believe it is important to enable ways for researchers to collaborate and easily exchange their analysis, so that they can reproduce other’s results and/or take on a different perspective on existing, already processed data (movies). With that in mind, we’ve designed the application to be in some ways similar to movie editing software (e.g. LightWorks, Pinnacle Studio, etc.) where the user is given full command of every step of the detection process (Fig 1). User can set or modify selections at any frame. For this purpose application leverages the ImageJ program - an excellent open-source program well known to the biology community and heavily used in image processing and analysis. But unlike others, we’ve taken the source code of ImageJ and incorporated it into our project, so that we can retain full control of our graphical user interface and program behaviourbehavior. / /